Bhoj Mahavidhyallaya is providing Practical orientation in the student's interests. To fulfill this objective the college is having highly equipped laboratory in Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology.
Biotechnology Lab: Marching towards lucrative Technology
Biotechnology is considered as most promising field of present time, this is due to the fact that is holds hand with every technology and gives a wide scope for application. The fields like Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drug designing,
fermentation Technology Enzyme Technology Genetics, and Recombinant DNA Technology get, refuge under this umbrella. Bhoj Mahavidhyalaya is equipped with the best practical teaching lab in this area. The instrumentation provides the prime and first hand knowledge in practical learning to attain maximum satisfaction in the concern field.
Chemistry Lab: Redefining the traditional subject
Chemistry is considered as mother of all the sciences. This is the field, which is always in demand and needs person with good practical and technical skills. Bhoj Mahavidhyalaya is committed towards fulfilling this requirement of Nation. The chemistry not only provide a, good class room study for better understanding as well as it provide the best working knowledge in the ever demanding filed of chemistry. The laboratory is equipped with all new and advanced instrumentation for ease in learning and better results.
Computer Lab : A positive influence
Computers are considered as most prime and promising in today's high moving world where info9rmation technology is considered as like salt in bread. Bhoj Mahavidhyalaya is providing all tits and tats in this filed with recent and advanced computers. Computer Lab is spacious and updated with Internet and Web connection. Even computer are connected internally by LAN to provide a first hand knowledge of working of Local Networks. The free access at any time provides a broad band to student for their comfortable timings and usage hours. It not only benefit student in moving with the latest information as well as help for better understanding of the concerned subjects.
Our Up Coming Projects/Facilities
Establishment of Tissue Culture Facility to improvise the life Science student.
Establishment of Faculty of Electronics in Department of Physics.
Establishment of M.Sc Zoology Course.
Establishment of Bachelor Degree in Sociology, History, Economics and Political Science.
P.G. Diploma - Human Rights, Labour Law
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